Easy Charging On the Way

Easy Charging On the Way

Embrace your green future with MAX GREEN and effortlessly embark on your charging journey!

We bring you a smart and convenient EV Charger that makes charging simple, fast, and enjoyable.

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Special Features


Compact Size

Our portable EV Charger provides the flexibility to charge your electric vehicle wherever you are, making it a convenient solution for charging on the move.

Strictly Quality

From the selection of product raw materials to design, from production to after-sales service, every part has been carefully considered and strictly quality controlled.


We select materials based on diverse considerations of environmental factors, whether it is in an environment above -40° or in a region of high annual rainfall, they still perform excellently.


Our products have passed CE certification, reliable EV charging equipment makes you experience the ultimate peace of mind every time you charge your electric vehicle.

We design & develop Outstanding EV Chargers

Charge Everywhere, Charge Anytime

Quality Meets Reliability

Quality Meets Reliability

Charge On the Go, Anywhere in Europe

Our commitment

Our commitment

To promote a sustainable lifestyle and encourage followers to join the movement. We aim to reduce carbon emissions and preserving the planet for future generations.

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Compatible with all SAE J1772 EVs. We provide fast and efficient charging capabilities to reduce charging time, making it convenient for consumers to charge their vehicles in their daily routines.

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Works with all 62196-2 EVs. The portability and flexibility of our EV Chargers allow you to charge anytime and anywhere, suitable for various settings such as home, office, and travel. MAX GREEN be with you!

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Type 2 EV Charging Cable