MAX GREEN Type 1 Level 2 NEMA 14-50 Adjustable Current EV Charger - 40A with 22ft Charging Cable



Maximum Charging: MAX GREEN level 2 portable ev charger charges 7 times faster than traditional 110v 16A Level 1 chargers. Maximum EV charging speed is based on EV’s current charging ability reaching 40A.


Adjustable Current: According to the rated current of your electric car or your home’s circuit, MAX GREEN EV Charger provides flexible adjustment for charging current, 8A/12A/16A/24A/32A/40A.


Delay Time: The delay timer is designed to schedule the charging period. You can choose to charge your Vehicle immediately or after 2h/4h/6h/8h. Fully take advantage of off-peak rates and save money.


Safe and Reliable: MAX GREEN EVSE is UL, CSA, and FCC Certified, with 8 safety systems for your vehicle charging escort. All products come with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and lifetime technical support.


Compatible with all EVs: MAX GREEN electric Vehicle charging station meets the SAE J1772 standard, Works best for your electric sedans, SUV, and pickup trucks.