EV/Electric Car Charging Cable,Type 2 to Type 2, 16Amp/32 Amp

[Long Enough Charging Cable] The charging cable increases the charging range by 17 feet. The cable can easily charge the electric car in the garage.

[Compatible] The charging cable is compatible with 16A and 32A public and home charging points.

[Safety Design] Type 2 to 2, single phase 32A (7.2KW) certification, applicable to EU CE, TUV, UL certification.

[portable and easy to use] A. Please confirm that your electric vehicle charging interface standard is TYPE2 / IEC62196-2.                B. Insert the male end of the extension cord into the charging post or other TYPE2 output connector, then plug the female end into the car charging interface.

[2 year warranty] 2-Year Warranty and Free Storage Box.

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