Q:What kind of vehicle does this charger work with?

A:Our EV chargers are compatiable with all North American sepc Electric Vehicles with SAE J1772 plug standard with your car dealer before purchase.


Q:Does it make a difference in winter or summer. I know cold drains battery fast but what about charging?

A:There’s no big difference.


Q:I just received my charger, and it seems very sung. I really have to push hard to get it to connect fully. Normal? Or mine is defective?

A:We often hear the buyer about the first few week of using a new Maxgreen J1772 Plug. When you using a new ev charger for your ev, it often needs some times to fit with your car. The metal contact on your plug will wear in and the plug will become easier to remove. WHY is it so tight? The safety specification requirement for a J1772 plug required the plug in and plug out reach a certain degree of strength. It will only last some time and become easier to remove. You also could put some water soluble lubricant on J1772 plug to make it quickly to fit with your ev, just like most customers do.

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